Application for managing nodes

Terminal nodes can be classified into different applications according to different application scenarios. Such as temperature and humidity sensors, can be used to establish the application of Humidure

create application

Can modify and delete the built application

Note: Delete app will delete all nodes below the app

Codec (Advanced)

The codec is used to code the node payload and provides the CayenneLpp/Custom_JS option.

  • CayenneLpp codec (loraserver has built-in CayenneLpp codec)
  • Custom_js is used to define protocol resolution

    • JS decoding function format is function Decode(fPort, bytes) {}
    • example:

      function Decode(fPort, bytes) {
      return {"temperature": 22.5};
    • JS encoding function format is function Encode(fPort, obj) {}

    • example:

      function Encode(fPort, obj) {
      return [];