Revison History

2018-12-13 version:beta1.0

Fix app can’t be added

Cannot add gateway when repairing no gateway profile

Fix left navigation bar bounce problem

Gateway-bridge container fails to start after repairing installation

2018-12-17 version:beta1.0

UI adds error prompt

Fix the gateway-bridge port type error after installation

Fix device list cannot filter issues based on application


2018-12-18 version:beta1.0

Increase LTH-5200 request update time processing

Docker-compose configuration file adds network configuration for easy access by other applications

2018-12-19 version:beta1.0

Fix window lock issue after adding new app

Fix the downlink data display content error

Fix real-time data can’t be displayed

Modify the global_conf configuration file

2018-12-20 version:beta1.0

Fix to remove super administrator issues

Gateway low memory warning message error

2019-07-17 version:beta1.0

Fix device protocol resolution timeout error, increase parsing timeout configurable function

Fix historical data query time value error

2019-03-15 version:beta_v2.5.0

Merging open source related versions:




Historical data query increases time zone, historical data increases index

Modify historical data paging processing

Modify the downlink frequency of ClassB pingslot

Packetforward optimization

2019-06-25 version:beta_v2.5.1

Modifying License Processing

Increase LTH5200, August protocol analysis

Repair no external network can not open the web interface

Fixed an error in the operation of Packetforward without external network

Container increases log size limit (100M)

After repairing OTAA into the network, no uplink is unable to downlink BUG

After repairing the NS modified band, the gateway band display does not change.

Fix other related issues

2019-08-05 version:beta_v2.5.2

Fix some UIbug

Increase registration function

Add software update function

Installation package adds visual management tools(Portainer)